!RESULTS! Dante has won 5th place on FMBB 2013!

29.05.2013 12:44

On Tuesday 30.4.2013 me and Dante together with the Czech Obedince Team Team Leader Vilemína Kracíková and her two dogs Dargo Novterpod and chihuahua Mr. King Kasi we began one week trip for the competition in Slovenian city Koper, on the world championship of belgian shepherds FMBB 2013! After short walk all dags got easily used to each other and from then on travelled together in a big trunk and shared the place in the little house where we stayed in Koper. After the journey, which run very fast due to our endless talking, we have been acomodated in grat camp, which Vilemina choose. They were very tolerant to dogs and there even was a dogs beach, where we were every day after the training enjoying out free time and relax. Dante loved the see, the salty water and waves didnt boter him at all, he still was fetching his favourite water toy. We even were for swimming together more far from the shore. 

The next day we had a training session with Dante and all class OB-1. It was nice and effective, even it was a little too hot weather for Dante. We have been surprised, that some teams used treats and whipes and other stuf for training, which we would consider as forbiden, but the judge didnt mind. 

Together in class OB-1 there were 9 teams competing of different nations. First day of competiton for our class was Thursday. The first round was judged by Belgian and despite of rain Dante succeeded to do very nice run. Overall we ended on 5th place that day.


After one day break, when we have been crosing our fingers for 1st round of Dargo in class OB-3, we had our second round and also the final on the championship. This time the judge was Italian and you could see from the style of judging. This day was realy hot summer day and Dante was already very tired from all the week before and that is why he made me so happy by doing such a good run with completing all the exercises! Whit some litte mistakes he has done extremly well and his job put us on 6th place that day.


Overall Dante won his beautiful 5th place on FMBB 2013! 

There were three Swiss and one Austrian competitors and we beated two Czech girls one Italian and one German team. Dante has prooved, that all the work which we have done together is not just a coinsidence and that we two love to work and play together and we make a great team! :)


Thank you, Dante, for exelent job and nice holiday too.